Please answer three of the following questions by October 9th to participate in our discussion of Freak the Mighty.

1. Why does Max call the first chapter of his book, "The Unvanquished Truth"?

2. Does Freak really believe that he will be "the first bionically improved human" by having a body transplant? What does Freak mean when he says "you can remember anything, whether it happened or not?"

3. What is the irony in calling the tenements the New Testaments? What is ironic about Killer Kane posing as the Reverend Kenneth David Kane?

4. How do Kevin and Max help each other? Who needs who more?

5. How would you feel towards Max if you were in Grim’s shoes?

6. Is the overall message of the book that people can change, or that people can’t change? What case can you make for each view?

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